Beval Bit with Waterford Mouth


Beval Bit with Waterford Mouth

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The Bevel bit is often used in the show ring for lead rein and ridden pony classes.

It is a mild bit although it offers a little more control and can be helpful to children rider as it assists in the pony’s outline, head carriage and responsiveness.

  • Waterford

The mouthpiece of the Waterford Snaffle allows for even pressure over the horse’s tongue.  This encourages the horse to salivate and gently mouth the bit, accepting and softening to the contact.

The horse will relax the jaw and allow for more responsiveness to the rider’s rein aids.

The Waterford discourages horses to lean on the rein as it becomes uncomfortable when he pulls.  The Waterford is thus a moderate bit but can become harsh in stronger hands.

A Waterford Snaffle needs to be 1/4 to 1/2 an inch larger than a horse’s normal bit size to fit correctly as the mouthpiece of the bit needs to curl slightly around the horse’s lips to allow it to work to its full potential.




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