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BSA Air Vest

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Quick inflate on activation the moment the key ball is pulled out from the key box.  Full inflated jacket/vest protect your neck, back, chest, ribs and tailbone.  Easy re-assembling of a new canister.

The fastest activation time is 0.08s, which can instantly protect the rider’s important body parts.  The use of the BSA Air Vest will improve the safety of the rider, but it does not guarantee that the rider will not be harmed.

The air vest comes with one CO2 canister.

The airbag instantly inflates when the rider is thrown from the horse.  How does it work?

In a fall or crash, the shock-buffering protection system will be activated instantly after the distance from the rider to the saddle exceeds the “Activation Distance”, when the key ball is pulled out of the key box to release CO2 gas into the neck, back, chest, side and hip airbags to inflate them and to absorb the impact on the rider’s body.

Getting on and off the horse, one touch release makes it easy.

Easy connection/disconnection of the coiled wire by one-touch release when getting on/off the horse.

A rider forgets to disconnect the one-touch release when he gets off a horse.  He may feel the pulling force which will not be strong enough to activate the airbag system but will remind him that he has forgotten to do so.

Replacement canisters can be bought separately.


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