D-Ring Bit with Rollers


D-Ring Bit with Copper Rollers

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Stainless Steel and Copper rollers on a D-Ring Bit

The D-ring ensures no pinching of the lips and creates a more direct aid than that of a loose ring.

The Copper Roller Jointed D Ring Snaffle’s bit is made up of stainless steel and copper rollers, which prevents the horse from taking hold of the mouthpiece. The copper rollers help to increase salivation, which creates a softer mouth than with conventional single-metal bits.

The main action of the Copper Roller D Ring Snaffle is on the tongue, the roof and the bars of the mouth. The single joint creates a nutcracker action which squeezes the tongue and can encourage the horse to raise their head. The D rings on this bit help to improve steering, however they do not offer as much guidance to a horse as a bit with full cheeks. This bit is not suited to young and novice horses, as it does not encourage the horse to learn to take a contact. This bit is very popular with horses that can get a little strong and heavy in the hand.


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