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DT Jumping Saddle

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The wide channel and large contact surface allows mobility of the spine and an optimal spread of pressure. The special MEMOFORM padded cushion evens out differences in muscular development which can cause unevenness of positioning. This creates a comfortable fit which benefits active back movement and mobility of the horse. 

All DT saddles are equipped with a continuously variable head iron. It can be easily adjusted by your saddler allowing you to adapt to your horses’s muscular training, or to other horses.

The stirrup bar is maintenance free, the special construction allows the right position of stirrup leathers.

The saddles have been designed with great emphasis on well being of both horse and rider. This is accomplished by a new and patented saddle tree construction which incorporates an elastic membrane in the seat that cushions and provides shock absorbance.

The saddle leather is of excellent quality exclusively produced in South Germany. It is naturally tanned with only biodegradable plant extracts.

The saddle straps are made from LEMICO. This innovative microfibre has the visual appearance of leather, with the performance of a technical material. It is breathable, sweat resistant, easy to care for and offers a breaking strength of 500 kg.



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