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Electrolyte GOLD, 50g

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ELECTROLYTE GOLD is a scientifically formulated product containing essential electrolytes and vitamins in an amino acid and glucose base. Horses cool their bodies by sweating in large amounts and this results in a loss of electrolytes. ELECTROLYTE GOLD will “refresh” horses in training. The addition of high levelsof the antioxidant Vitamins E (1000iu) and C (750mg) will also protect muscletissue by eliminating ‘free radicals’, noxious by products of exercise. Glycineand Glucose improve the rate of absorption of electrolytes in thegastrointestinal tract.

Give horses one full 70 gram dose (1 full syringe)after competition or event to restore electrolyte balance. Can also be givenprior to an event , in hot weather or when transporting to assure electrolytelevels and encourage proper hydration. Fresh drinking water should be avalableat all times. Premium quality ELECTROLYTE GOLD delivers potency, palatabilityand high absorption with the benefits of antioxidant vitamins for maximum results.

50g Sachet

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