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Honeyvale Calendula Petal

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Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

The vividly bright orange flower petals of Calendula officinalis are used for medicinal purposes.

Calendula petals have remarkable healing properties because of their antiseptic and antifungal properties, and by speeding up the rate of cell division. They’re anti-inflammatory also, so are ideal for alleviating skin itches and for rapidly healing rubbed skin.

When Calendula is combined in equal proportions with Clivers (Galium Aparine) they make a powerful blend to detox and support the lymphatic system. This combination also works well together with Nettle to treat cystitis and skin conditions.

Used internally, Calendula petals have the following benefits:

  • Heals wounds and ulcers
  • Blood tonic
  • Anti-inflammatory and astringent
  • Helps to relieve gastric ulcers
  • Antiseptic and antifungal
  • Helps to relieve cystitis and skin conditions when combined in equal proportions with nettle and clivers.


  • Horses:          1-2 handfuls in feed daily (approximately 10-15g)
  • Ponies:           ½ -1 handful in feed daily (approximately 6-10g)

We do not always keep stock of the bigger volumes.  Please contact us to place an order if stock is not available.

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